Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Makes Decision On Attending ‘Sunday Night Football’

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According to NFL insider Jordan Schultz, Aaron Rodgers will attend Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium after being cleared to do so by his doctor. Schultz also said Rodgers was present at tonight’s team meeting. “I’m told Rodgers just attended the team meeting and spoke to his teammates,” Schultz tweeted.

Rodgers has been out of the news since he left the Green Bay Packers to go on a four-day “darkness retreat” after the Super Bowl. During his retreat, Rodgers was reportedly “reflecting on his future in the NFL.”

Rodgers’ decision to attend Sunday’s game is a sign that he is leaning towards playing in 2023. The Packers have reportedly offered Rodgers a contract extension, and the New York Jets have also expressed interest in acquiring him.

Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He is a four-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl champion. If Rodgers decides to play in 2023, he will be one of the most sought-after players on the market.

Fans React

Fans of the Packers and Jets were excited to hear the news that Rodgers is leaning towards playing in 2023. Packers fans are hoping that Rodgers will re-sign with the team, while Jets fans are hoping that the team will be able to acquire him.

“This is great news for Packers fans,” one Packers fan tweeted. “Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL, and we need him back in Green Bay.”

“The Jets need to do whatever it takes to get Rodgers,” one Jets fan tweeted. “He would make our team a contender for the Super Bowl.”

What’s Next for Rodgers?

Rodgers is expected to make an announcement about his future in the NFL in the next few weeks. If he decides to play in 2023, he will likely be re-signing with the Packers or traded to the Jets.

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