Bengals Cheerleader Goes Viral Before Monday Night Game

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A Bengals cheerleader has gone viral before the Bengals’ Monday Night Football game against the Broncos. The cheerleader, whose name is Felicia, was dancing on the sidelines when a fan reached out to her with his phone. Felicia smiled and waved at the fan, but she did not take his phone.

The video of the interaction quickly went viral on social media. Some people praised Felicia for her professionalism and for not wanting to take the fan’s phone. Others criticized the fan for being disrespectful.

Why did the video of Felicia go viral?

The video of Felicia went viral for a few reasons. First, it is rare to see a professional cheerleader refuse to take a fan’s phone. Second, the video was taken at a high-profile event, the Monday Night Football game. Third, the video was posted on social media, where it was quickly shared and viewed by millions of people.

What does the video say about Felicia?

The video of Felicia suggests that she is a professional and dedicated cheerleader. She is also respectful of her fans and understands that she is a role model for many people.

What does the video say about the fan?

The video of the fan suggests that he was disrespectful to Felicia. He reached out to her with his phone without her permission and he did not respect her decision to refuse to take his phone.


The video of Felicia has sparked a debate about the relationship between professional cheerleaders and fans. Some people believe that cheerleaders should be more accessible to fans, while others believe that cheerleaders have the right to set boundaries.

The video is also a reminder that professional cheerleaders are people, too. They deserve to be treated with respect, even when they are at work.

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