Brittany Mahomes Turned Heads With Her Game Day Outfit

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Brittany Mahomes turned heads with her game day outfit for the Chiefs’ game against the Broncos on September 25, 2023. She wore a custom-made red and gold leather outfit that consisted of a crop top, pants, and a jacket. The outfit was designed by Brittany herself, and it was featured in Vogue magazine.

Mahomes’ outfit was both stylish and comfortable. The leather was soft and stretchy, and the crop top and pants were flattering on her figure. The jacket was also stylish, and it kept her warm on the chilly game day.

Mahomes’ outfit was also very Chiefs-themed. The red and gold colors were perfect for the team, and the outfit also featured the Chiefs’ logo. Mahomes is known for her support of the Chiefs, and her game day outfit was a great way to show her team spirit.

Mahomes’ outfit was a hit with fans on social media. Many fans praised her for her style and for her support of the Chiefs. Some fans even said that she should be a fashion model.

Here are some of the reactions to Brittany Mahomes’ game day outfit on social media:

  • “Brittany Mahomes is always killing it with her game day outfits.”
  • “I love Brittany Mahomes’ new leather outfit. It’s so stylish and Chiefs-themed.”
  • “Brittany Mahomes is a fashion icon. She always looks amazing.”
  • “I’m obsessed with Brittany Mahomes’ new leather outfit. I need to get one for myself.”
  • “Brittany Mahomes is the queen of game day outfits.”

Overall, Brittany Mahomes’ game day outfit was a success. It was stylish, comfortable, and Chiefs-themed. Mahomes is always looking her best, and her game day outfit was no exception.

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