Fans Notice Possible Hint In Video Of Taylor Swift Leaving Stadium

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The video you linked to shows Taylor Swift leaving the stadium after her Eras Tour concert in Philadelphia on September 24, 2023. She is wearing a black hoodie with the words “TS11” on it.

Fans have noticed this and are speculating that it could be a hint that she is working on her eleventh studio album. This would be her first album of original music since Evermore in 2020.

Taylor Swift has not confirmed or denied these rumors. However, she has been known to drop hints about upcoming releases in the past. For example, she released a series of cryptic videos before announcing her Eras Tour.

It’s also worth noting that Taylor Swift is known for being a very detail-oriented artist. She often puts hidden meanings and clues in her music, videos, and social media posts. So it’s possible that the “TS11” hoodie is a deliberate hint that she is working on new music.

Only time will tell if Taylor Swift is actually releasing new music soon. However, the “TS11” hoodie has definitely gotten fans excited. Many fans have already started speculating about what the album might sound like and what themes it might explore.

Personally, I think it’s very likely that Taylor Swift is working on new music. She has been very active in the past year, releasing several re-recordings of her old albums, as well as her new single “Carolina.” She has also been touring extensively. So it would make sense for her to be working on a new album at this point.

I’m excited to see what Taylor Swift comes up with next. She is one of the most talented and creative artists in the world, and her music always surprises and delights me.

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