Mike Tomlin Has Blunt Reaction To Steelers Flight Being Diverted

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Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, had a blunt reaction to the team’s flight being diverted on Monday night. The Steelers’ plane was diverted to Kansas City due to a right engine low oil pressure warning. The team was on its way back to Pittsburgh after a game in Las Vegas.

Tomlin told reporters that he was just glad that everyone on the plane was safe. He also said that the team was focused on the game ahead of them and that they would not let the flight diversion be an excuse for poor performance.

“We’re just grateful that everyone’s safe,” Tomlin said. “We’re focused on the game ahead. We’re not going to let this be an excuse.”

The Steelers’ plane was diverted to Kansas City International Airport. The team stayed in Kansas City overnight and flew back to Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning.

The Steelers are scheduled to play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. The game is a key matchup for both teams, as they are both trying to make a playoff push.

Tomlin’s reaction to the flight diversion was typical of him. He is known for being a tough and no-nonsense coach. He is also known for being focused on the game at hand and not letting distractions get in the way.

The Steelers are a resilient team. They have overcome adversity in the past, and they are expected to do the same on Sunday against the Browns

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