Sauce Gardner Gives His Side Of What Happened On Controversial Penalty

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Sauce Gardner, the New York Jets’ rookie cornerback, has given his side of what happened on the controversial penalty that was called against him in the Jets’ Week 4 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The penalty was called on third-and-20 with the Chiefs trailing by three points in the final minute of the game. Gardner was covering Chiefs wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and he was called for defensive holding.

The penalty gave the Chiefs a first down, and they were able to run out the clock and win the game.

After the game, Gardner said that he was “surprised” by the penalty and that he didn’t believe he did anything wrong.

“I was playing the ball,” Gardner said. “I was trying to stay in front of him and make a play. I didn’t think I was holding him.”

Gardner also said that he didn’t think the penalty should have been called because it was a “bang-bang play.”

“It was a bang-bang play,” Gardner said. “I was playing the ball, and he was trying to catch it. I don’t think it was a penalty.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said that he was “grateful” for the penalty and that he thought it was “the right call.”

“I’m grateful for the call,” Mahomes said. “I thought it was the right call. Sauce is a great player, but I thought he was holding me a little bit.”

The penalty is still being debated by NFL fans and analysts. Some people believe that the penalty was the right call, while others believe that it was a bad call.

Ultimately, it’s up to the referees to decide whether or not a penalty should be called. However, it’s important to hear both sides of the story before making a judgment.

It’s also important to note that Gardner is a rookie cornerback. He is still learning the game, and he is going to make mistakes. He is a talented player, and he has a bright future ahead of him.

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